The Waterfall Trail focuses on documenting waterfalls of costa rica for a future proposal of a Waterfall Trial that extends more than 1000 km through the mountains of Costa Rica.



We belive a trail system will reduce poaching in the jungles of Costa Rica.

The trails willl benefit local comunnities and National Parks that are in total desolation with no future plan.

Position Costa Rica as a leader in Conservation of Waterfalls worldwide

– the book-

First step was publishing the first ever book of Costa Rican waterfalls .

The book is now published.

This objetive was a keystone in the project giving it the credibility.

– talks-

Current stage of the project.

informing though newspapers and talks of the importance of building The Waterfall Trail system


We have a goal to solve government entanglement formalities for future convervation projects to be easily achived.

The Slow process of government is the number 1 problem of the future of convervation of costa rica.

– Pilot Plan-

We plan to start a first pilot plan in Barbilla National Park, to access currently imposible to visit Ayil lakes and Waterfalls.

Ayil goes first. Then slowly we will continue the trail in sections.