the Witch


Sometimes things are not what you expect. Trips are not always happy nor can you always capture the photos that you pre-visualize. Sometimes the atmosphere is sad or lonely, and there is no one else to appreciate a moment with you.  


The locals do not like to go down to the witch. The waterfall, completely surrounded by cliffs, is very dangerous. There is only one way to get there, and on that path, the uncertainty of death awaits. Legend has it that the Witch drains one of love and affection. They say that it even has the powers to take a mother's love for her son. 


When the vibration of the waterfall arrives, it is heavy, somehow i feel as if there is a bad memory surrounding it.  The river changes to the color to coffee and there is an aroma of death in the air. Everything indicates that I should not stay in a place with so much darkness. Suddenly, "Javi!!" cries Jason, my local guide. 

Suddenly a cloud of bats swarms through the air and takes refuge in the cave of the Witch. The cave that is impossible to reach and the locals do not let me even approach it. The bats circled around the jet of the cataract and prepared for departure. 


At that moment the tripod that Roberto López had lent me (lightsaint photography) yields to the oxidation and my camera falls into the water.

It no longer works. 


I dry it off immediately, and to my surprise, as I hold it, it begins to work. My good luck has not yet left me! I then raised my head to see Luna, an adventure friend, is risking her life to document the size and scale of the witch. Luna slides and Jason manages to catch her in the river.  Something happened in that moment. The atmosphere fell into a dreary obfuscation and sadness. No one wanted to stay, the vibes were too dark. The Witch did not want us to be there, maybe someone had broken her heart? 


Things are not what they appear to be. Before a great joy there is always great sadness.

Its only the joy that i truly choose to see.