Each day I am increasingly more confident that I am doing the right thing. I am truly happy with the project. Even after only being away traveling for a month, i really began to miss costa rica and yearned to return to it. 

I am convinced that I live in the happiest and most beautiful country in all the world.

Only once a year the Gallinazo del Pacifico, specifically the Carara National Park, is dyed yellow.


Seeing the trees is amazing but nothing like walking on the yellow trails. When the wind blows the petals float slowly and it seems as if it is raining yellow droplets.  


The road is easy but magical.

 The perfect welcome. 



The myth: The myth says that the waterfall "Manantial de Agua Viva" is the highest in the country. I have seen higher falls in Costa Rica, the largest of them all has five hundred meters.   


I decided to ask the most talented drones pilot of Costa Rica @flystudio to accompany me to document the waterfall. The documentation has since improved dramatically.

My friend @flystufio, your contribution towards this project is indispensable. We are in an era where teamwork is critical, the "Co-Working" era! 


Being at the foot of the waterfall is undiscribable.

Standing under the running water, on top of the wet rocks is purest form of living. Standing there, there is something else that is put into perspective for me; how small we truly are.    


Together we stand, divided we fall. Union makes force.