The Burner

In my travels through Costa Rica I have seen more than seven of these deep blue rivers. All these rivers have cataracts, yet only one is a part of a national park. 


When I see these places I always wonder... why is this not a national park, why is it not a protected area?

 I still do not understand. 

_The cloudy forest is silent_

Over the years, the animals have slowly disappeared due to the proximity of the pastures and the unregulated tradition of hunting.  


                                                                                                                                                     In each view there is always heaven.

                                                                                                                                                     In each view there is always heaven.


In Costa Rica, the change that comes with the passing seasons is very evident, especially within the months of February and March when the rivers have stronger colors of deeper blues, and when the stones begin to have purple and gray tones as the sun dries the moss.


Legend goes that in these areas there is a milky blue river whose colors are so deep that when you get inside of it, you are stained wth the color of the river for the rest of your life.

We went in search of this river but did not find it.


Instead, we found clues that we were near hot springs, ditches of changing colors and as always... we found a nameless waterfall.


Blue is nostalgic.  

Whenever I am in a blue waterfall am returned to memories that sometimes make me feel sad. Still, the blue also gives me peace. Just seeing this heavenly pool, I am reminded that I have to keep pushing for my dream, despite all the many difficulties that continue to arise.

                                                                                                                                        Swimming in places like this relaxes me and bring me relief.     

                                                                                                                                        Swimming in places like this relaxes me and bring me relief.     


Looking at things from the above, It was impossible to understand how this place is not a protected national park. In my research I have now come to realize that there is a new reforestation program, a program for ecotourism and cataract conservation. This is the beginning of the proper management of these natural resources. 

Sometimes we do not realize what is going on until we see things from the another perspective. Sometimes we are so accustomed to our routine and what we are used to seeing, that we do not stop to think about what is actually going on, even as various problems arise and as our happiness is put in jeopardy.

From the air you can see that there is much help needed.    

In this case, there is a lesson to learn from. A lesson teaching us how to save such a beautiful place through conservation and reforesting to mitigate the harmful impact of human beings. 

In a few years, Quemadero will be a conservation area, an area that has been reforested and will once again be filled with animals.

The blue waterfall will be immortal. 

Thank you Quemadero.