The Cloud


I went on this trip with a great friend and photographer, the amazing professional-Roberto Lopez (@lightsaint). Roberto has taught me immeasurable amounts and was essential in the journey of discovering this magical place.


Everything always begins at 4:30 am with a spectacular sunrise. This time it was matched with a cloud of pink and yellow from the volcano Turrialba!    

Before leaving, we ate a breakfast of coffee, eggs and tortillas, then sharpened our machetes and set off to begin our journey up the mountain.  

The descent is complicated. Seven months ago I completed the first route to the cataract clouds, but got a little confused and was forced to descend on a dangerous cliff. The ropes were running until we found a 25-foot precipice.

Returning was impossible so we had to conduct an emergency makeshift rappelling with the whole camera crew. Luckily, the rope bought at EPA was 20 meters long, enough to tie to a vine and perform abseiling.  


At one point, Roberto slid, burned his fingers and injured his leg. I also slipped and cut myself deep enough that i needed stitches on my left arm and leg.


As we started the climb we had to open a new path through the dense jungle and start climbing the canyon. We ended up on the cliff and had to climb without strings for about 8 meters; luckily we were successful. 

I look backwards and no longer see the waterfall, its clouds conceal it from me.

The locals await us at 5:00 pm with the best coffee and food in the area. We are treated like kings as we exchange stories and music.

Again the next morning, the volcano erupts: 

  "Javier wake up the volcano is fuming!" yells Cesar  


I wake up and there's that yellow cloud again! 

Truly amazing. 


 I recommend you go visit the page of Roberto Lopez or LIGHTSAINT as well as his instagram and portfolio !